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1)Do you customize gifts as per our need?

Yes. We certainly do. We could make the gifts as per your desired design, size and color. With our experience we could suggest you gifts too. Some kind of colors and designs may not be possible based on the natural material texture.

2) Do the company provide gift samples to any Country?

Yes. We provide the samples for any gift product to any Country. The samples will be billed (both for India as well as other countries).

3) Is there any Minimum Requirement for ordering a product?

Yes. For each gift product we have a 'Minimum Requirement' number. Please mail the product you wish to order and we will let you know its Minimum Order requirement.

4) What packing material is used for sending the products?

We use Cotton Box for packing. The size of the box depends on the product. The gift product will be well packed such that it would reach you in a safe manner

5) How long does it take to provide the samples or ordered gifts?

We manufacture the gifts only on demand and we do not keep stock. Hence once the sample/order is confirmed, we manufacture the products and sends them. The time for manufacturing depends upon the type of product. We would let you know the time required for delivery through mail once it gets the confirmation

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