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The Making..

The coconut shell is a fantastic material which invariably finds its place at all homes, hotels and institutions as an item of status in the form of cutlery, crockery or decorative products. It has a natural hardy shell, which yields to the craftsperson's vision and skill. Coconut shell based products have always held the eye of its beholder in awe.

Coconut shell craft is a popular craft. Carving Coconut shell is very difficult and only highly skilled craftsmen can make products out of it due to its hardness. Vibrant Nature for nurturing this art has put its effort in improving the design, training artisans to take up this craft as a home/cottage based self employment opportunity, improving the quality, developing the products and promoting them.

The market potential of coconut shell products as a craft piece is well recognized and Vibrant Nature is offering more than 125 various attractive hand carved Coconut Shell products in eye-catching designs to its Customers worldwide.

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