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Vetiver / Sisal / Talipot​​...

Vetiver is a kind of Grass that grows upto 1.5 meter high and form clumps as wide. Vetiver roots are important and the most useful part. The roots that penetrate vertically into the soil are not deep. Vetiver root is cooling, refrigerant, diuretic, stimulant and tonic.


Sisal Fiber is extracted from the leaves of Sisal Plant. The fibers are extracted through hand extraction machine composed of either serrated or non serrated knives. The peel is clamped between the wood plank and knife and hand-pulled through, removing the resinous material. The extracted fibers are sun-dried which whitens the fiber.


Talipot Stalk is taken from a variety of Palm Tree. This stalk is 10-12 meters long. They are cut according to our required length and soaked in water for 60 days. The Talipot fiber is manually taken from the soaked stalk and dried under sun. The pith from the fiber is removed using nail brush. The Talipot fiber can now be used for weaving using handloom

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